Camp Flight Control

Camp Flight Control

Drones are everywhere! If you have ever wanted to become a drone pilot or just enjoy the latest technology, then Camp Flight Control is the ideal place for you. Learn from an industry expert how to fly a drone in a safe and fun indoor learning experience.

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Cadets will team up and be training on drone safety, utilizing STEM skills while navigating drones thru autonomous courses and manually piloting flight control missions. Be a part of a unique experience! Companies of all sizes are utilizing drones more than ever. At Camp Flight Control, our mission is to help students learn the skills that they can use as a starting point for young innovators who want to be a part of this rapidly expanding industry.

This program is for children ages 10 thru 14 . Students will learn the basics of how to fly a drone by completing a series of drills and competitions using the DJI / Ryze Tello.

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