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Welcome to the simulator set up page! This page describes the steps for downloading, installing, and using the Rotor Rush simulator for our exclusive events. Attendees of Camp Flight Control will be invited to an exclusive event with a limited license for the simulator which will be active for the duration of the exclusive event. In order to participate in any future Team Flight Control SIM Racing Events after your limited license expires, you will need to upgrade to the full licensed version of the Rotor Rush simulator. 


The simulator works well using the BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 SE which we use at our camps and will also need to be configured in the simulator. You can find a complete list of compatible radio controllers and minimum computer specifications here.

Once you have the simulator installed with a compatible controller, your goal is to post the fastest time over 3 laps. The top 16 fastest times advance to the main event.


WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PRACTICING THE EVENT TRACK PRIOR TO ATTEMPTING TO POST A TIME since you will only have 5 total attempts to post your fastest time. You can find the track by searching under the browse menu for Team Flight Control club track with the name of your school or event attended and checking the favorite box. Once selected, return to the my tracks tab and download the newly selected track.


In order to properly post a time, you must first click the fly solo button, then select the Micro 65 drone from the available models. After you select your drone, go back to the main screen and select the events tab, then join. You will be taken to the event track where the race will then begin.

NOTE: You must be ready to fly once you join the event and you must download the event track prior to attempting to post a time.

Sim Minimum System Spec

The Rotor Rush drone simulation software uses the latest 3D engine technology and needs a reasonable spec PC to provide realistic visuals and a smooth flight experience. The minimum recommended spec is: Windows 10 OS, Intel i5 dual core CPU, NVidia 1050 graphics card (or equivalent supporting DirectX 11 or greater), 4GB RAM plus internet connection.

Rotor Rush is also available for MAC and requires a system with a reasonable 3D graphics capability such as the latest iMacs. Due to the range of systems and graphics capabilities we recommend using a Windows 10+ PC for best results.

Steps to Register and Qualify for Time

  1. Register to compete for the event using the button on the exclusive-events page

EE page.png

2. Check your email for a download to the Rotor Rush software with a unique code

code pg.png

  3. Log into the simulator using your registered email and event code

code pg2.png

  4. Download the Team Flight Control event track, will be listed with your school name

tracks pg.png

5. Select the Fly Solo button to practice flying the track (Also see troubleshooting videos)

solo pg.png

  6. After clicking the Fly Solo, configure your Radio Controller (Follow onscreen instructions)

radio config1.png
radio config2.png
radio config3.png
radio config4.png





7. Key up to select your drone and practice flying the event track

drone select.png
track select.png
track select1.png
track select2.png





8. After practicing, find the second email we sent with the time trials link and register to join

reg link.png

  9. Once you register, return to Rotor Rush main menu, select events and join (see note)

events join.png

  10. Select request race, you will be taken to the time trial grid and a count-down will begin!

race join.png

  11. When count-down begins, arm your drone by pressing left stick down then right to race

race grid.png

  12. Complete 3 laps in the fastest time possible, leaderboards will be posted on our website

race time.png

Official Results will be posted at the conclusion of the event. If your fastest time qualifies for the main event, you will receive a follow up email invitation with a new unique event link. Please note: In order to qualify for the main event, you must use the Micro 65 drone to post your time.

- The smoothest flights typically produce the best times.
- Focus on controlling your throttle when turning.
- When approaching multiple gates, aim for the gate behind the one you are flying into.
- Do not reset your drone once you are already flying.
- Missed gates add 15 seconds for each miss to your time, be sure to fly through all the gates.

Be sure to practice the event track several times prior to posting a time for the trials. Good luck and see you in the main event!

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